Hajos Alfred Society [HAS]

Rákospatak utca 92.
Budapest, H- 1142
ph. +36.30.4015076


Logo of Hajos Alfred Society [HAS]

HAS is a Public Benefit Association. It is a civic, non-profit organisation named after Hungarian born Alfred Hajos (1878-1955) the first ever Olympic Champion swimmer (1896, Athens). Later in his life as an architect, Alfred Hajos became the only Olympic Champion athlete ever to win an Olympic art competition, as well. One of the founders of soccer in Hungary, Hajos (written Hajós Alfréd and pronounced as hayosh-ulfraid in Hungarian) was also a sports journalist, pioneer builder of schools for the blind and deaf, hospitals, hotels, orphanages, sports facilities and private mansions. HAS promotes cultural projects, among them F-L-O-W [Futere Linked On Water] - a contemporary art festival planned to be launched in 2006, in Europe...
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